Threat Analyst

BlackAnalytica is looking for a Threat Analyst who is both customer- and team-focused. This role will include both response and pro-active aspects. This role will be perfect for anyone who is just starting or considering a career involving reverse engineering and detection. The primary responsibility of this role will be to analyze malware and detection by investigating individual customer detection tickets. This team is focused on improving detection capability and efficiency through analysis of malware or other threat detection impacting our customer base.

Bring your passion for helping internal partners resolve questions about our threat detections and our detection capability. Our goal for the Investigations team is to both help internal teams respond to customer-inquiries about threat detection and to provide information about the effects of our detections into the Malware Research Center - including detection efficacy and managing false positive detections.

This role will work most closely with internal teams such as Technical Account Managers and and Security Response and it is placed in the Malware Research Center in Data Science.

Responsibilities include:

  • Review current product detections to ensure they are performing to the company standard
  • Perform tasks to enable better-management of false positive detections
  • Analyze binary files to determine their legitimacy
  • Address internal questions and concerns regarding customer threat detections

Key Qualifications


  • Exposure and understanding of different types and functionality of malware
  • Basic knowledge of reverse engineering malware, or malware operations
  • Fundamental understanding of attributes of binary files such as imports/exports and packers
  • Ability to demonstrate practical knowledge of research/collection skills and analytical methods
  • General understanding of threat/risk management and threat/risk assessment
  • Knowledge of programming and scripting languages, in particular Python
  • Familiarity with various operating systems
  • Ability to break down complex problems into workable components


  • Experience in a security operations center or similar environment responding to incidents
  • Good understanding of Windows OS internals and the Windows API
  • Knowledge of MacOS and/or Linux
  • Familiarity with tools used in targeted and criminal Cyber-Intrusions
  • A background in exploit and vulnerability analysis
  • Knowledge of a variety of programming languages including C, C++, Java, and assembly


  • BA/BS or MA/MS degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science<
  • Information Security, or a related field

Andrew Gecse

Ethical Hacker - Founder

Andrew is one of the most well-known hackers in Europe, often a one-man army as himself alone completed more security assessments than several IT companies combined. He also has been a presenter of conferences, tutor for universities, and Security Expert of several Fortune 100 companies. His recent projects include banks and government sites in Kuwait.
Andrew is a Certified Ethical Hacker and has been chosen Hacker Hall of Fame.

Dávid Balázsi

Data Scientist - Founder

David is a multiple time awarded programmer known for his creativity and inventions,- one of his invention was the gesture directed mouse 5 years before it did hit the market. Awards:
2012 Invitel Innoapps special award
2011 Invitel Innoapps special award
2011 Southern Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency special award
2011 Enterprise Europe Network special award
2005 International Programmers Neumann competition 1st place
2004 International Programmers Neumann competition 2nd place


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