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We are battle-proven hackers, with enormous experience in hacking.
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In one word,- WE ARE THE REAL DEAL.
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Dávid Balázsi

Data Scientist - Founder

David is a multiple time awarded programmer known for his creativity and inventions,- one of his invention was the gesture directed mouse 5 years before it did hit the market. Awards:
2012 Invitel Innoapps special award
2011 Invitel Innoapps special award
2011 Southern Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency special award
2011 Enterprise Europe Network special award
2005 International Programmers Neumann competition 1st place
2004 International Programmers Neumann competition 2nd place

Andrew Gecse

Ethical Hacker - Founder

Andrew is one of the most well-known hackers in Europe, often a one-man army as himself alone completed more security assessments than several IT companies combined. He also has been a presenter of conferences, tutor for universities, and Security Expert of several Fortune 100 companies. His recent projects include banks and government sites in Kuwait.
Andrew is a Certified Ethical Hacker and has been chosen Hacker Hall of Fame.


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